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Book-keeping is the grass-roots recording of financial transactions entered into by an organisation. From this process we can provide data for compiling reports required by external organisations, such as HMRC, as well as feeding financial information into management information tools such as the MAP (Management Accounting Pack).

Keeping an accurate track of receipts and payments is an essential part of minimising exposure to taxation policy, avoiding errors, (fraudulent and genuine) and understanding the financial situation of your business.

For a start-up organisation the process should be quite straightforward. Owner/Managers may decide to undertake the process in-house using any one of a number of software packages designed for the purpose, alternatively it can be out-sourced. If this is the case we approach the setting up of a book-keeping system keeping in mind the development plans for your organisation so if you plan to expand the financial recording won’t hold you back.

If later you decide to bring the book-keeping task in-house we will make the transition as smooth as possible, providing training if required. As your organisation grows you will require access to more comprehensive information to assist in planning and control, a robust book-keeping solution will prepare the ground for the addition of Business Planning and Management Accounting processes, services we can provide from our Management Services product group.

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