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Management Accounting

This is a natural follow-on from book-keeping and, combined with the business plan information provides a powerful tool for monitoring your organisation’s progress against plan. Management accounts include financial data taken from book-keeping which is refined to reflect the business position at a moment in time, usually monthly or quarterly depending on the nature of your business. After gaining a good feel for your business we will propose a format for your Management Accounting Pack (MAP) which will aim to give you summarised information with the option of drilling own into the detail as desired. We will agree Key performance Indicators (KPIs) and these will form the basis of a “dashboard” to give at-a-glance areas which are in line with plan and those requiring closer scrutiny. Like the business plan the MAP can be as brief or comprehensive as desired, the important factor is that the key indicators of your organisation are identified and reported on. We aim to make the process as efficient as possible to enable reports to be available as soon as possible after the period end in order to maximise their usefulness. In line with our other services we will provide full support if you wish to bring the process in-house.
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